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Chinese Chicken Salad with Pea Sprouts

May 13, 2014

Chinese Chicken Salad with Pea Sprouts While shopping at Whole Foods I found pea sprouts. “Oooooo……I must try these.” I thought to myself. Since I love Chinese Chicken Salad, I thought they might be a good addition. If you’re not a fan of sprouts, leave em out. The salad is good with or without them. As […]

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Chinese Spinach Chicken Salad

April 26, 2011

Chinese Spinach Chicken Salad I had me a hankerin for some Chinese Chicken Salad. Plain old lettuce wasn’t going to cut it. I love spinach and it’s so much better for you. At least that’s what Popeye says. Sing along with me—–I’m Popeye the Sailor Man. I’m strong to the “Finich” ’cause I eats me […]

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