Southern California Attraction—-Swap Meet!

by Whiski Business on March 16, 2011

Southern California Attraction—Swap Meet!

I always knew them as Flea Markets.

Tell me why are/were they called “Flea” markets?

Selling fleas? A place that sells a bunch of tiny things? Hang on, I’m going to do a search and see what I can find out……Ok—this is what I found, well a little bit of what I found.  Flea Market

Kobey Swap Meet in San Diego is Wal-Mart on steroids, totally awwwwesome!! Not only can you get killer deals, you are highly entertained at the same time. What more could you ask for? Really?!?

I got a great strainer for 2 bucks. Yes, boys and girls that’s what I said, 2 buck-a-roonies! My honey got new I-pod ear thingies for 6!

If at some point in time it was manufactured, created, produced, grown, or assembled you will most likely find it here. As well as a lot of other stuff that I have no idea where, why or how it was produced.

Except for this, THIS….I totally understand—I’ve always wanted to be a swamp monster! GRRRRRR!!!!!

Strolling along with the crowd, meandering aimlessly, wishing that I knew what to look for. I want to be on Antiques Road Show with a treasure that I bought for fifty cents and discover it’s really worth fifty thousand dollars….didn’t happen. 🙁

I did find some really pretty birdies though. No, I didn’t buy them—Grady would eat em for a snack!

Not really, I just love this picture and wanted to use it again…




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