Rick’s Dude Salad with Tuna

by Whiski Business on May 6, 2011

Rick’s Dude Salad with Tuna

My honey decided he wanted a lettuce salad with tuna. “OK, go for it,” said I…me…hmmmmm? Grammar one O one? F A I L! Back on track—lettuce salad with tuna? HUH??? Really???? Hence my “OK, go for it.” I HAD to see what the guy came up with. He did a magnificent job.**Patting him on the back** Good work honey!

Easy enough for any non-cooker. I’m not saying he can’t cook, I’m saying he likes me cooking oops, I mean MYYYYcooking. **wink wink** He makes some kick ass eggs, (according to him, I don’t eat eggs…ugh!) and he says his family loves ’em.

He took a picture and said “I want to blog about this.” So, I’m writing a post on “Ricks Dude Salad with Tuna.”

Here it is…….Rick’s Dude Salad with Tuna

By the way…when I asked him what went in it he said and I quote,

“Lettuce, tuna and all that other crap”

I have a pretty good idea.

Serves; 1 Rick

Prep time; 10 minutes for slicing


1/2 Bag Caesar Salad Kit

1 Can Albacore Tuna in Water

1/2  Avocado Sliced

1 Stalk Celery Sliced

1 Roma Tomato Sliced

1/2 English Cucumber Sliced

Thinly sliced onion, to taste

Alfalfa Sprouts, to taste

Mix up the Caesar Salad, except for the croutons, mix in the rest of the vegetables. Drain the tuna and sprinkle it on top, add the croutons and the dressing—eat it up!






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