Rick’s Awesome (and easy) Dude Chili

by Whiski Business on May 12, 2011

Oh. My. GOSH.

We’ve I’ve created a monster!!! Since “Ricks Dude Salad with Tuna” got the Top 9 he’s been itching to get me to post this—-this one is alllllll his! He even took the pictures. Take it away Rick!!!

Rick’s Awesome (and easy) Dude Chili

OK, so there two methods of preparing Rick’s Dude Chili:


First Method – be real nice to Min and ask her to make it. Ha Ha! (This is the preferred method. It is much easier, and guaranteed to be delicious. Plus, it gives a dude time to have a beer and play with a Rottenweiler)

Second Method – this is recommended only if Min is not anywhere to be found, is withholding food, or in the event of extreme emergency:

1) Have a beer.

2) Have anothe… I mean, cook a cup of rice (I like Costco’s whole grain organic – takes about 50 minutes, but it’s good stuff)

3) Brown a pound of beef, turkey or whatever turns you on, and drain the grease.

4) Add 8 oz can of kidney beans (just the beans; recycle the can)

5) Add 8 oz can of diced tomatoes (ditto)

6) Add 1 packet of Chili seasoning (why spend all that time, like Min, blending all those spices? Let someone else do the detail work. Right, dude?)

7) Add some Tony’s to taste and let the whole mess simmer for 10 minutes or so while you have another beer.

8) Top with chopped onions and shredded cheese of your choice.

Brush the hell out of your teeth and gargle with jet fuel (no, just kidding, don’t try that at home)

So, who said I can’t cook? Believe me, this is some great slop… and, even if it isn’t, you won’t care because you just had a couple beers…ha ha!

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