Realllllly? ME?

by Whiski Business on April 4, 2011

Really? ME?

Jamie from the blog Wok in passed this on to me. To say I feel honored is an understatement. You see, I’m very new at this blogging thing, and honestly…her blog is fabulous! So, Jamie–THANK YOU!!!

Here’s the part where I’m suppose to tell you a few things about me you don’t know. Maybe in doing this I’ll discover something about me that I didn’t know—who knows? HA!!

1. I’ve got a sense of humor that can get me into trouble—DUH! Ok, I knew that.

2. I love to dance and sing around the house while cleaning or cooking. I might be a good cook, but I AM not a good singer…, as much fun as I’m having it’s not necessarily much fun for those who are in ear shot.

3. I volunteered with an Organization called T.R.O.T.  in Tucson, I worked with handicapped kids on horseback.  One of the most rewarding things I’ve ever done. The children were inspiring 🙂 as well as the staff and other volunteers.

4. On that same note, one Christmas day I was alone so I fed the homeless in Tucson. I decided it wasn’t that bad spending Christmas alone….Nothing like a good dose of someone else’s reality to smack you up-side the head.

5. I lived for 28 years where it rained 13 to 15 FEET of rain a year. I was turning into a DISH—-that would be a Duck and a Fish…..gills and webs between my toes.

6. I believe that most everyone is good…MOST—there are a few nut-cases out there. NO…NOT ME! Well…..maybe a little….heehee!

7. My two sons are my world. If I had been able to choose who I wanted as my children I would have chosen them. They are remarkable and I am BLESSED!

8. When I think about how wonderful my sons are and how much I love them I tear up.

9. I live with my boyfriend who packed me up and moved me to California after 2 months of a long distance relationship. It was the craziest thing I’ve ever done. He is wonderful to me and I’m a very lucky woman—that I KNOW for SURE!

Ok—I just can’t do this anymore, I keep getting all choked up. Man I’m a sentimental fool!!!

Time to pass on this wonderful honor…..

Dog-gone you Jamie, you got Sandra’s Easy Cooking!!! She is magnificent!!! I wanna give it to her again….but alas….I shall find someone else 🙁 🙂 Hugs Sandra!!!!

I know it’s a “sisterhood” but there are some guys I just can’t leave out—so, dudes—-put on a little lipstick, take a bow—-cuz you ROCK TOO!

Here are a few of my fellow bloggers that have inspired me—-


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I didn’t quite make the full 15, that’s because someone already got to ’em.  Heck, some of you that I selected probably already got this too. That’s ok, it’s a good thing!










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