Our Next Southern California Attraction Destination Was…

by Whiski Business on March 2, 2011

Our Next Southern California Attraction Destination Was….“Museum of Man.”

My honey and I went exploring again…the destination of our exploration was “Museum of Man.” My honey had been there before, but it was all new to me. So, I donned my Indiana Jones hat and was ready, but I forgot my bull whip—could’ve used it too, there’s primates in that place—-some BIG HUGMONGO primates! Ok, so they’re not alive and stalking me, but there are at least a hundred replicas of early humans and primates in the “Footsteps Through Time” exhibits.

One of museum’s greatest attributes is its magnificent exterior. The ornate detail of the architecture is fantastic.

Its dome and bell tower are spectacular. My picture does not do it justice. I really want to go up into the bell tower, and I mean REALLLLLLLY!!!

Museum of Man is located in Balboa Park. It’s an anthropology museum, which is the study of humankind in all its aspects, especially human culture or human development. It is a historical and comparative study. The Museum of Man follows this course quite well and in depth.

When you first walk in the exhibit, “Race: Are We So Different” is center stage. I read that it’s the first national exhibition to explain race from the biological, cultural and historical points of view.

There’s also a Mayan display on the first floor with huge Maya monuments displayed. They are casts of the originals from a site in Guatemala – pretty amazing that somewhere back in time these were carved.

“Counter Cultures: The Secret Lives of Games” is also on display on the first floor, with a menagerie of games from different geographical areas and eras.

Upstairs is where “Footsteps through Time” is located, along with “Strange Bones.” Dem bones are cool! Welllll, in an icky, “OMG, I have one of those?” sorta way. I got the shivers a couple of times.

Through a door and you enter the “Ancient Egypt” exhibit. This area combines a collection of Egyptian antiquities, mummies – Noooo, there were no duddies – along with several other mummified remains from around the world, including our very own local Lemon Grove mummy, and some South American shrunken heads—those are particularly ICKY!! I don’t think I’d like to be alone in this area of the museum at night, a little too spooky for me. I’d get the creeps for sure!

There is much more than what I’ve highlighted. It is something that should be seen for yourself. It’s not a large museum, but it is very interesting. The whole park is a must see.

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