Our Moms…

by Whiski Business on May 8, 2011

Our Moms…We love ’em, we miss ’em,


Rat, cat, dog, bird, coffee—was my moms chant at night. No, she wasn’t in some weird cult that worshiped critters and coffee. This was her way of remembering what to do before she went to bed.  Rat, cat, dog , bird and coffee was a reminder to her that every night she had to feed the rat (snuffles/sniffles?), **side note here, I thought the “rat” was to keep the bad guys out by locking the door** feed the cat (Patches), the dog (Venus) the bird…(a canary named….oh gosh, I can’t remember) and make the Folgers Coffee. Thank you Bruce!!

Sis Meredith’s fond memory—When I was in Kindergarten, Mommy used to walk me all the way up the hill from the school bus stop to home. One day I spotted a beautiful green, black and white-striped caterpillar on a milkweed plant. She encouraged me to break the plant’s stem and bring it home. As Mommy had instructed, we put it in a jar with a small stick slanted across and with holes poked in the jar’s lid, and I brought fresh milkweed greens for the caterpillar every day. One day, I noticed that the caterpillar had vanished, but hanging from high up on the stick was a beautiful pendant, jade green with gold, black and white markings. Mommy put the jar under the sink. Some weeks later, when she brought it back out, the pendant had turned black, with orange and white spots. Together we watched the Monarch butterfly emerge, beginning the most magical adventure of my life.

Mom. She had the kindest most tender heart. Stopping her car and blocking traffic so she could rescue a snake from sure demise as it crossed the road. She would take in any stray animal and feed anything with a mouth. She was a remarkable woman. If I’m a quarter of the woman she was I am blessed….We love you mom—Happy Mothers Day 🙂

My mom:







proud, but also modest







totally devoted to her family


I love my mom. She is one of the greatest women I’ve ever known. She never had a bad word for anyone. She is so proud of her family; she lived for us. She adores my dad, who is also an awesome guy. She gave me a great childhood. I always feel loved and adored. She supports me in everything I do. In her eyes, I can do anything.

Here’s to you mom – you’re awesome.


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