OH Crap!

by Whiski Business on February 15, 2011

I snore….OMG! I SNORE!!!  Not the rattle the windows, blow the curtains around kinda snore, I snore daintily, but snore just the same. AHHHHH!!! I’m mortified!! Ok, from this point forward I’m going to call it “purr or purring” Although I’m not a cat, never have been a cat (at least that I know of) and my honey’s not scratching my back nor rubbing behind my ears—I still purr.

**GRRRRRR** (that was not a purr for sure)

I’m a girl; I’m not supposed to uh….“purr”

What’s the big deal? Well, it is HUGE! I’m a GIRL I DO NOT “PURR”

Now you see I have this little problem, I can’t sleep for fear of waking the man I love. He works hard; he needs his night’s sleep. So, I’ve taken to a routine at night that I hope will help.

First I snort a saline solution up my nose to try to clean it out. **WAY FUN** NOT!!! I use this stuff…..

sinus rinse

You see my theory is I get congested and by the early early morning it’s causing me to….uh…purr. So, if I can manage the congestion, I can control the…um….purring.

Isn’t this interesting??? Aren’t you happy I’m writing all about this? LOL! So, after my “snorting” I happily ***yeah riiight*** apply one of these lovely nose strips to my lovely nose.

breathe right

Only one little problem—they bug me and sometimes in my sleep I yank that little sucker off without knowing it.

He says it’s not that bad and not all the time. I hope that’s true, cuz I don’t want to revert back to the day when men and women slept in separate beds……have you seeeeen my honey’s muscles?? REALLY— I just can NOT do it!

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