NO! You Can’t Have Him!

by Whiski Business on April 23, 2011

NO! You Can’t Have Him!

We got the call.

The call we thought would never come.

The call we hoped would never come — came.

Ok, technically it wasn’t a call, it was an E-mail from some rat bast**d, stupid head, meanie person who wanted to adopt Grady and take him away from us. I knooowwww **hanging head in shame**anyone who wants to adopt a dog is wonderful. 🙂  Shelters and Rescues should be the first place anyone goes to get a new pet. I applaud them, honest….but, but, but…Grady?Grady’s life has been hard, seriously injured, given up because of it, days away from being destroyed, housed in a garage, until Second Chance came to the rescue. It’s a good life now. Not only for Grady, but for my honey too.

**the dog is barking at me right now**

“Shhhhh, Grady BE QUIET!”

He wants to go out….he is very verbal about that!

Hang on…….BRB!

“Come on Grady”

Where was I? **sigh**

Oh yeah. It’s good for my honey too, even though he’s had to replace a number of fence boards because Grady wants to visit the neighbor dog. Even though Grady ripped a hole in the comforter trying to get us out of bed. Even though we had to bring a trainer out to assess Grady and he took “her” for a walk. My honey didn’t know whether to pick her up off the ground or run after Grady. He ran after Grady. He loves the dog….seriously! Grady makes him happy.

What’s not to love? Look at that face!!

The time came to poop or get off the pot. Commit or give Grady to someone who would want him forever….We pooped! He’s OUR DOGGY!!!! It’s official!! Well, it will be as soon as we send the check!

Welcome to your FOREVER home Grady!

Now, can you please let me sleep in? You’re worse than a kid!













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