Mom Visiting from Heaven?

by Whiski Business on February 7, 2011

Mom Visiting from Heaven?

grandma bobby

Ah, Wheel of Fortune and Jeopardy, moms’ favorite game shows. We would watch TV all day long and those were the climax to the day. I cared for mom for two years as cancer and Alzheimer’s ravaged her.  It was my privilege also.

She was an amazing woman. Kind, loving, smart, funny, and generous—the list goes on and on.

Shortly after her death I was watching TV. It was time to call it a night, the day had been long and I was tired. I hit the off button on the remote, set the remote on the table only to have the TV come back on. Puzzled I hit the off button again—the TV stayed off. Not giving it much thought I trudged off to bed.

The incidence really just left my mind, until it happened again. Why in the world was my TV coming back on after I’d turn it off? Was there something wrong with the remote? Was the on/off button sticking? I chalked it up to that. So, every once in a while my TV would turn itself back on. I often wondered if my wonderful mom was letting me know she was with me, but logically it was most likely the remote theory. Even though I had a lamp that was moms that would randomly come on….I didn’t quite put the connection together.

Fast forward to 2006….I moved, left my sleepy little town in Washington for the sunshine of Arizona. I was sitting on the couch in my new home watching my new TV sipping a glass of wine. The day had been a good one and I was happy to be in my new home. Time for bed….I hit the button on the remote to turn off the TV, it went off—–then BACK ON!!! New house, new TV—-Time for me to say “HI Mom!” If I had doubts, but they all flew out the window, probably with mom. HA!!!

I became a manager at a restaurant/bar and grill. On the walls of the bar section were 5 TV’s. After about 2 months of working there I was closing with the bartender, turning off the TV’s. I hit all the buttons on all the remotes, and low and behold one TV turns back on. My back had been turned to that particular TV so I asked my bartender if she had turned it back on. Nope! “HI Mom!” I told my bartender that it was my mom visiting, it happened at least 10 times in the 9 months I worked there.

Here’s the kicker. December 2010 I moved again, this time to San Diego to live with my boyfriend. I had told him about the TV’s coming back on. Since watching TV was something my mom and I done together I was sure that it was her way of saying “hi” to me. He gave me the “Okay” look. About 3 weeks after my big “move in” we were laying in bed watching the TV….you got it, he turned off the TV and Bingo, Bango, Bongo it came back on. He totally freaked out. I thought he was going to have a heart attack! I told him to say “hi” to mom—he did.

I enjoy the fact that she takes the time away from heaven to let me know she loves me, and will always be with me. Love you mom……m

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