Meet Grady

by Whiski Business on February 25, 2011

We have a baby! I’m a mom! We are parents! OK, wait…I’m 52, way too old for that nonsense. I am a mom, we are parents, but not together……I mean we both have kids, just not with each other. And I would be in the record books if I gave birth to this baby…..HA!!!

We are FOSTER parents to a gorgeous male Rottweiler. Grady is KING!

We picked up Grady on Tuesday. I’ll tell you this, it has taken him no time to feel right at home. When I say he is KING I mean he is KING! He decided quickly that this is his home. He made himself quite comfortable—-on the couch—a big NO NO!!! He got down and is trying to follow the rules—he’s a fabulous boy. However, he is KING and believes he should be able to make his own rules. NOT!

If and I say IF he could make his own rules one of them would be to never have to take a bath. That didn’t happen, not is this castle! King Grady got soaked!!!

He tried hard to behave in a dignified manner. But some dude pouring water on his back with an old plastic coffee container just wasn’t cool.

Along with the fact that the water was running down his face and he had to lick  *Ewww* it off his nose—-way not cool for a KING!!!

It was just plain ol’ wrong, but King Grady continued to act accordingly. There really is only one way for a King to act….Kingly!


Ya gotta SHAKE!!! And……

ya gotta RUN!!!Cuz the stinkin bath is DONE!!!! Oh, I mean the bathing is finished and King Grady is now clean.

He can go back to being King, a King who rules with love, affection, a fast waggin nub of a tail and a hearty snore! That makes two of us—-that snore I mean, I don’t have a nub of a tail, I do however have some junk in my trunk!! HAHAHA!!!!!

Grady is King! Grady is GORGEOUS! Grady is a great  GORGEOUS KING!

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