Lessons to the New Blogger—ME!

by Whiski Business on April 18, 2011

Lessons to the New Blogger—ME!

Do not drink and operate a camera.


I just don’t learn. I’m like the proverbial “old dog.” Wait, you know what? I’m not just like the “old dog,” I AM the “old dog.” A week or so ago I went out to lunch with a girl friend, had a couple of glasses of wine and was worthless the rest of the day. Well…No new tricks for me. I’m up to the same ol’ ones.

My honey’s sis and bro-in-law came for the weekend. They are the greatest people. **HUGS GUYS** Be careful, it can be tricky! (sorry, inside joke)

It was a fabulous time. I made pesto. I had a little drinkie-poo. I marinated shicken. A bit more drinkiesmoo. I pook tictures. I shrank more. I put out some hor-de-overs to schmackie on. I drunk smore. I shook more tictures….

For some reason they almost all turned out like this. **SIGH** I just DON’T understand why? HA!!!

Dinner was so good. Everyone raved, wine can have this effect. Everything is better with a wine.  I love you man. You’re the bestest friend I’ve ever had. You are so wonderful. Ok, joking aside, I love pesto; it’s one of my favorites….unless it looks like this….

Mmmmmmm, a lovely green blob-glob. Isn’t that appetizing? Don’t you want to dive in head first? Luckily it tasted much better than it looks.

Lookie–a plate full of green worms and yellow slugs! Deeeelightful! Yes my friend that is asparagus. I guess you can kinda tell. This tasted really good too.   Honest!

This is one of my better pictures of the night. Grady was in the mood for lovin. Lucky for him he had two very willing humans to help him out.

So much for being a vicious Rottweiler—killer watch dog—protector of master. Yeah, how about, “If you hug me I’ll love you forever!”

He managed to wiggle his way halfway up into a couple of laps, adoring laps.

Shortly after this Grady tucked me into bed. 🙂





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