Jealous, ME???

by Whiski Business on March 14, 2011

Jealous, ME???


Now, I’ve never been a jealous woman. I’m pretty secure in who I am. I am a little off, slightly whacky, almost always goofy, but dog-gone-it I’m fun!

I’m still looking pretty good for 52, don’t weigh much more than I did back in high school and I’ve got some “GUNS.” “Want a ticket to the gun show?” ***I’m kissing my bicep*** LOL!!


However, I’m finding myself quite jealous lately and it’s all because of that pooch, Grady. Grrrrrrrrrr-ady!

The night of the horrible earthquake in Japan—my thoughts and prayers are with everyone effected by it— I bring up the idea of making an earthquake kit. Helllloooooo, we are in California it would be a good idea, don’t cha think? I started to list off things that we should put in it. My darling wonderful honey said and I quote “All I need is my dog, a bottle of vodka and my gun” Say what? SAY WHAT?!?! This is the man who said, we’re just going to foster a dog, I don’t want to be tied down, (yeah well, I can tie something up, hint—he’s furry) let’s just try it out and see…..yeah, uh huh….surrrre…..The dog is on the top of his frickin list, along with liquor and a weapon, greaaaat combo by the way! **wink wink** It won’t matter if he’s passed out he’ll have his dog to protect him. He just needs to teach Grady to shoot the gun….

Maybe if I speak when he offers me a biscuit,

sleep on the floor next to the bed at nap time,

wait by the door for him to come home,

I can be on his earthquake list too, HA! Oh HEY, maybe I should wear a collar and leash—can they be red? It is my favorite color…




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