In a New York Minute!

by Whiski Business on June 9, 2011

In a New York Minute!

The time had come, I couldn’t believe it. We were leaving for the airport and starting our trip to NYC!! WOOHOOO! Manhattan, here I come, oops I mean we! E. X. C. I. T. E. D. MEEEEEEEE!

It just took a little sumthin’ sumthin’ to get there….yeah, **sigh** a bit longer than a New York minute. The trip started off a little shaky—just a weeeee mite. It went like this—

  • 3 mile long line to check in our bags—2 mile long line to get through security. Oh come on people!! Don’t you know this is MY trip of a life time—get out of my way!! PLEASE!?
  • Canceled tickets cuz we were late…see previous statement as to why.
  • Sat apart from each other the first leg of the trip–me with a gentleman who had no understanding of personal space. Elbow in the ribs? Really?
  • Barking/whining dog and crying children. I felt so bad for both the mamas—traveling with kids and animals can be tough, and that’s why they make DRUGS!!**note to self, don’t forget to bring the drugs** **note to mama’s, don’t forget to bring the drugs** HAHAHA!! JK’ing

Then it happened–we arrived in Chicago!  OH HAPPY ME!!!! Chicago = Pee, eat, drink, pee again, and people watch for 2 hours—totally awesome 🙂 I LOVE to people watch, and pee when I hafta really bad after a long flight. That’s how I spell relief.

The second leg of our journey went pretty well, for meeeee. Rick, yeah that’s a different story. Poor Rick……

  • Center seat (I had the window! WHOOP WHOOP!! Shh, none of that—it was my FIRST trip and I had to take pictures)
  • BIG BIG SMELLY man sat right next to him. (note to self—don’t forget nose plugs or body spray, just in case)
  • Big smelly man liked to complain and drink and drink and complain and cough and snort and complain and drink.
  • Me? Giggling at my honey’s expense–I’m evil like that. 😉

Suddenly—there it was….we made it! I’m really going to NYC—wow! I don’t think it had really sunk in.

As the sun began to set, we prepared to land….I was speechless. I was REAAALLLY here. I’d always dreamed of it, never really thought it would happen. Thank you Honey.

We got our luggage. Watched Miss Wyoming autograph pictures for people. Saw the BIG BIG SMELLY MAN with alllllllll his children and wives—I think there was more than one, HONEST!!! Then we waited, and waited, and waited for our shuttle. It was less expensive to take the shuttle to our hotel verses a taxi. Ok–I’m game, ready for my NY experience full on, lets do this! Yeeehaw! Little did I know that my NY experience would include a shuttle driver on crack…say what? He had to be. What should have been a 20 minute drive took 2 1/2 hours. 2 1/2 hours of breaks squealing, head slamming, wear a kidney belt, in case we die–I love you honey, holy mother….holy shit! We DID make it, in one piece, only a little worse for the wear and spirits HIGH! In our sight, hotel room, drinks and dinner—-ahhhh YES! Relax, eat, drink and take in the vibe. NYC BABY!!! We just have to get our stuff to the room, unwind, and pee. (Me, ok? It was a bumpy, bladder jarring ride. This happens as we age.)

The Hudson Hotel right by Columbus Circle is retro and way cool. An escalator takes you up to the lobby from the street. Ivy vines cover an old brick wall, glass ceilings, chandeliers, gorgeous and IMPRESSIVE for sure. Now all we have to do is check in, thank goodness.

HUH? Say WHAT? No reservation for tonight? SHUT UP!!!!! Our reservation starts tomorrow? Oh NOOOOOOOO you did NOT just say that! Ok, check with the manager and see what you can do. 30 minutes later, thank you for finding a room for us—whew! A room that stinks of smoke (badly) and is right over the outdoor nightclub with blasting music every night until 1 AM—I don’t think so! Down to the lobby. Over booked? Lucky to have a room? We can change rooms tomorrow? Ok…fine, we’re just going to have to stay up until the music stops or we pass out, which ever comes first….we stayed up, went to Lincoln Park Bar and with glazed eyes and an exhausted body I got my first taste of Manhattan and I loved it.

This was the first day of our NYC trip. Yeah, I was a little worried the precedent had been set. I was, thankfully, wrong. We had a great time. 🙂

Here are a few of the 278 pictures I took. 😉 None of my pictures really do justice. They will give you a visual taste. There is no way to describe the feel, the energy, life, the hum of the city. Amazing.

Time Square and “OMG” to me!

Self explanatory

King me! Oh wrong game….

Trinity Church calls—come one come all!


The subway. The veins of the city. Pulsing…..constant pulsing. The clang of the tracks, beating….constant beating.

I loved riding the subway.

Tired babies a subway ride home from school, the watchful eye of daddy close by. He told me this is what they do everyday… in NYC.

Everywhere you look, there is a feast for your eyes. Visual overload—even in the windows.

To understand the sheer enormity—check out the people on the steps. The architecture in NY is ab-so-lute-ly fantastic.  Absolutely!

Modern skyscrapers – the backdrop for history – lives that were lived centuries ago.

Houses built atop buildings—above the noise perhaps? What a view!

I’m not afraid of heights, but I DO NOT want that job! Trump Tower. I hope “The Donald” pays well.

Merchant Marine Monument….I call it “rescued.” How appropriate that the Statue of Liberty is in the background.

The Met. Goodness me. This city is fantastic….such history, culture, vibrancy….and the food?? Get REAL!!!

You gotta have a dog!




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