Gradster the Rottweiler!

by Whiski Business on March 10, 2011

Gradster the Rottweiler!

By Rick


Well, ok, so this Rottweiler – Gradster dude…dog….dude dog – he kinda grows on you. The mutt will not leave me alone. As I’m typing this, he’s laying at my feet. If I get up and walk 5 steps to the vanity, he will follow and lay down at my feet again. Go into the kitchen…..tap tap tap, paws following behind. Turn around and come back – yep. Downstairs, upstairs, outside, even in the bathroom! Really? Can a guy have a minute? I’ve never had a dog this devoted. I have no idea what he thinks the connection is.He reminds me of my dad’s mutt, Bonnie (yeah, I know, I know…don’t blame a kid so much for the name) this dog would not leave my dad’s side. Funny thing is my dad totally ignored her. At least I pet Grady, take him for walks, play with him and all that – Grady loves to play-attack me in the yard. My dad literally ignored the mutt – except, it was his car companion. Everywhere my dad drove, he was accompanied by that dog sitting on the passenger front side. It became a neighborhood joke… dad driving down the street, Bonnie’s head out the front window taking in the scenery. Everyone called the dog my dad’s wife.

Anyway, I’ve always loved Rotts. But, you know, it’s natural be a little tentative about letting one in your house – I mean, the thing outweighs some people – and has teeth. And, if it has an attitude….big teeth and an ATTITUDEbig problem! Right? But, this guy is just the most affectionate, devoted dog, and has been great with everyone who comes to the house. He’ll scare you half to death, but he’s a big puppy. And, SMART! What do I mean? Ok, well, when Grady thinks I’m sleeping too long, he comes over to the bed and tries to pull the covers off me – he just ripped a hole in the comforter with this nifty move! Really, dude?

Thankfully, Min, who can do all things domestic (among many other things), was able to stitch it back together.


Well, Grady is still up for adoption, technically. But, we’ll see. In the meantime, we’re spoiling this muttster to death.

The rescue sent us home with a big bag of dry kibble, but we mix in some canned food as well – I mean, really, who wants to eat dry food all day? I love Kirkland’s canned food – chicken and rice, lamb and rice. I think it’s a great value. Same with their dry food. If we wind up adopting this mutt, more trips to Costco, for sure.



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