Ducks and Twitter

by Whiski Business on March 31, 2014

Ducks and Twitter

I’m a newer Twitterer—I’ve met some amazing people. Chef Felisha,  who generously shares her vast culinary knowledge and test ours with her Mystery Kitchen Implement game—she cheats, using a macro lens or something! HA!

DelicaciesbyDan , whose sense of humor is probably second to none—other than mine! I think I gained 4 lbs just looking at his blog.

Then there is Roberta, her blog is filled with fabulous info. Visit it!

This wonderful lady has been so much help to the non-twitterer me. Patiently explaining the ins, outs and in betweens.

A  tweet session we had went like this…..


Roberta—Did you see the one (video) of the baby ducks being blown all over by the wind? And the mother too.


Me—Nooo-retweet it ok? I rescued a mama duck and her babies from the middle of the road in the NW, also a duck from a bridge. (yeah, I really did, I’m a soft hearted smush)


Roberta—Here is the duck video. A Windy Day Even For Ducks


Me—HAHAA!!! Someone needs to make up some audio for that clip! (watch the clip you’ll understand)


Roberta— And they just pick them selves all up and carry on. I think there is a message or lesson in there. Too cute!!


Me—Completely! In life we all have to do that at some point–it’s whether we do it with grace and dignity or not.


Roberta—it’s whether we do it with grace and dignity or not. ~~~ Wise, wise words.


I got to thinking about this tweet session. Picking up and carrying on is not always easy; as a matter of fact it’s usually pretty damn hard. I think people affected by natural disasters, tragedies, illnesses—my heart breaks—it’s VERY hard to pick up and carry on.

This is where grace and dignity come into play. Grace and dignity is also something given.  In a helping hand, a tender hug, a smile, or a word of encouragement. I have made my share of mistakes and been dealt some rough blows. I’ve tried to pick myself up and carry on—I think if it weren’t for family and friends bestowing grace on me, I couldn’t have had any dignity.

The next time you are with someone struggling, hurt, down on their luck, or just having a bad day, pass on some grace and dignity….help someone be a duck.


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