Day Trip To Palomar Mountain

by Whiski Business on May 24, 2011

On The Road—Adventure Awaits

(at least that’s what I hoped for)

My honey decided we were going on a little day trip to Palomar Mountain.

Oh BOY!!! A jaunt—-I’m kinda like a dog that likes to hang its head out of the window, tongue flapping in the wind. Well, maybe I’m not that bad, but I do love seeing new sights. I’ve only lived here since December 11th, so everything is new and exciting.

In the car and off we go. I have no idea what to expect. My honey says he thinks there’s a resort and skiing up on “the mountain” OK—-so, it’s SoCal, but I’ve heard the surrounding mountains can get a lot of snow. I believe what my honey says—he is after all, BRILLIANT—all the men in my life are!

Through El Cajon we go—-“A hunting we will go, a hunting we will go. Hi HO?” Hmmmmmm…..never mind, don’t want to go there.

We get out of the big city and pass through a charming little town called “Ramona” Old store fronts, a feed store and a sign on the side of the road that says “Anxiety Coaching” WHAT??? This must be one little laid back town if you need to be coached on how to be anxious. I MUST LIVE HERE! No coaching needed, I’d much rather not have any anxiety in my life!

Julian Gold Mining Town

Through some winding, curvy, doggy-gets-car-sick roads, we wind up in Julian. I’ll tell you this—-what a frickin cute little town. It was a gold mining town. “There’s gold in them thar hills” I don’t know if there is anymore, highly doubtful, but it’s still very cute. We do a quick little walk through, giggling at the tiny horse (I mean teeny weenie) drawn wagon with a big man behind the reins. Found some curious things in the shops, admired the old, OLD buildings and the history.

A Bat In A Julian Shop

Yes—this is one of the curious things we found in a shop in Julian—a Bat! Ewwww!!!! No, I didn’t buy it!

Time to continue our jaunt. Ahhhh yes, more winding, curvy, doggy-gets-car-sick roads. LOL! We’ve got the music blasting, holding hands (he really should have had both hands on the wheel) and just enjoying each other.

Much to my surprise we come across a lake—-now I don’t know why I was surprised except that I moved here from Tucson and there’s not much in the way of random lakes there. Lake Henshaw is a manmade lake, and I’m sure is a great place to play in the summer.

Lake Henshaw

After a lot of curves, s-turns and hair pin corners we arrive…..uh, no resort, no skiing…..a post office,

Palomar Post Office

and a General Store with a small restaurant attached.

Palomar General Store

Oh and wild turkeys!!!!!! I think that’s what this guy is.

Wild Turkey

If you drive further up the mountain there are observatories. I was hungry, wanted food, we didn’t go to the observatories.

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